Meet Philip Glanville​

I’ve been a Labour Party member since 1998, a trade unionist since 2005 and campaigned in every major election for Labour since 2001. In 2003 I made my home in Hackney and like so many fell in love with the borough and started to get involved…


First elected as a councillor in Hoxton alongside Cllr Clayeon McKenzie and Cllr Carole Williams. Elected on a platform to deliver decent homes investment on our estates, improved facilities for young people, cleaner and safer parks, high-quality council services and ensuring our voice was heard in the Town Hall.


We fought a campaign to save Murray Grove Post Office ─ we led a successful grassroots campaign working alongside the local community to save this vital service. While the Post Office didn’t listen, we worked with Mayor Jules Pipe and the Council to reopen a community Post Office in the local pharmacy. It opened in 2010 and the same post office is still running today.

2010 - 2014

Re-elected as a councillor in Hoxton and then Hoxton West, increasing Labour’s share of the vote and delivering on our promises.


Made Cabinet Member for Housing, secured additional funding to complete the decent homes programme and worked with the Mayor and Cabinet to deliver our award-winning new Council Homes programme that has seen 912 built since 2011.


Fought with residents, ward councillors, Meg Hillier MP and the Mayor to save New Era Estate in Hoxton from an American investment fund, securing its long term future as genuinely affordable housing for local people.


Campaigned with Hackney Labour and tenants to kill the Tory Housing Bill which proposed boosting homeownership at the expense of social housing. I protested alongside campaigners both outside the Town Hall and Parliament, as well as arguing against it at the Public Bill Committee.


Stood to be Labour’s candidate
and elected the Mayor of Hackney.


Led Hackney Labour to it’s best election results since 1986 and alongside 52 Labour Councillors we were elected to deliver our Manifesto which includes over 150 different ideas to build ‘A Fairer, Safer and More Sustainable Hackney


Declared a state climate emergency in Hackney, updating our sustainability pledges to decarbonise the borough in line with the best-case scenario of the Paris climate change agreement. Achieved 100% renewable energy powering the council, 200 more EV charging points, three low traffic neighbourhoods, 2,500 more trees on our streets and 11,000 more trees in our parks, and more.


Responded to the greatest challenge Hackney has faced in a generation, the coronavirus pandemic, and ensured the Council did everything it could to save lives and protect the NHS.


Re-standing to be your Labour & Co-operative candidate for Mayor of Hackney, to keep rebuilding a better Hackney, together.

Let’s KEEP
a better